The Art of Being Your True Self

From Surviving to Thriving to Wholistic Living

From Revelation to ZenSation to Self Expression.

I, Annette Bakx, am a poet, artist, oracle & healer of The Self, I

am intuitive by nature, creative by heart, sensitive to the needs of

others and fond of life. I remove obstacles to spiritual growth, guide

with intuitive wisdom and inspire with wholistic art & mystical poetry.

It is true art when your authentic Self becomes a natural reality and

life a spiritual actuality. Explore & enjoy the world of your Self through

wholistic art, mystical poetry, oracle guidance and spiritual healing. I take

you on a journey of Self awareness, to see the unseen, hear the unheard &

sense the subtle. Feel aMused, inspired & guided to Zense who you truly

are. I ask you to go beyond the sensory & conditioning, to experience

unity, wholeness, love, bliss, immortality and the mystery of Life.





Wholistic Art & Mystical Poetry | Be My Muse

Paintings, Drawings, Books, Shrines

Symbols | Landscapes | ZenSations

Inner Message | Inner Self Portrait

I am a certified bachelor of fine arts, certified teacher

of art history and textile crafts and a passionate poet. 

As I journey through the world of my inner Self, I intuitively

channel my experiences, desires, dreams, visions & intentions

into a language of expressive colours & profound words. My work

is finished the moment I feel One with it and mirrors your beauty,

wisdom, love and true nature as well. Be my muse and I reveal the

world of your Self in the Book of Inner Life, filled with your personal

symbols, messages, blessings, zen-sations, portraits & landscapes.






Oracle Guidance & Spiritual Healing

Receive Blessings, Forgiveness & Answers

Release Curses, Karma, Entities & illusions 

 Spiritual, End of Life and Afterlife, Care

Deepen Your States of Self Awareness

I am a certified NEI coach, NAC coach & Integra A therapist. I can

read, sense your authentic Self & the spiritual realm. I communicate,

guide and heal with wholistic intention, to serve your Self in the now.

At a young age I was challenged with a life-threatening illness twice.

From fearing death & feeling lost, to discovering my intuitive abilities

& becoming aware of my true Self.  Ever since I use my life experience,

intuitive knowledge, healing skills and oracle expertise to help others.

I ask an independent attitude, if you do not need me I can help you.

My 1 on 1 guidance is interactive & transformative and invites you

to go beyond the sensory & conditioning, to experience your inner

Self and feel at home, whole, loved and alive in the now.





Copyright, Annette Bakx, All Rights Reserved, 2023